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New purification facility will take water from toilet to tap

Most people donat like to think about flushing the toilet and having that same water come out of the tap. But as the California megadrought grinds on, Governor Gavin Newsom has become very enthusiastic about a new plan to render sewage water drinkable.[...]

This water dispenser uses smart technology for a clean drink

Innovative solutions are essential for removing petroleum-based plastics from our daily life. Bevi, a bubbly, bottleless water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces, is dedicated to offering a variety of drink options, sans the plastic bottle.A [...]

Modern home in Ukraine merges residence and art gallery

The Residence in the Garden of Rocks is located in the southern suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine along the canal. The client wanted the house to suit his family's needs while showcasing his collection of modern sculptures.[...]

Here's what you can do on Endangered Species Day

The health of our planet depends on a rich and diverse ecosystem. That includes all types of plants and animals, in conjunction with humans. When the environment is in balance, everyone benefits. But when natural and human forces create an imbalance, the fragile ecosystem doesnat always recover. Such is the case for dozens of endangered species that are in threat of being erased from the planet. [...]

Material Kitchen's bowl and board are made from sugarcane

They say it's a picture that paints a thousand words. But if you look at a picture of the colorful cutting board and bowl from Material Kitchen, you won't know most of the story. What you won't see is the cutting board and bowl are entirely made from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane.[...]

First carbon positive hotel in the US breaks ground

The first carbon positive hotel in the U.S. is currently under construction in Denver, Colorado. Designed by environmental steward Urban Villages, it is called Populus. It is expected to open in late 2023.A [...]

Reclaimed Laranjal House sits in an orange orchard

Laranjal House by Alves Architects is located in a field of orange trees on the premises of the company Zircom, S.A. The house is part of an industrial installation created by the demolition company. The challenge from Zircom to the architects was to reuse materials used from the demolitions to build a modern space for staff lunch breaks. [...]

Protect bees this World Bee Day on May 20

Where possible and within reason, adopt a more tolerant attitude to feral bee colonies in buildings, and of hived bee colonies in ones neighborhood. If we want bees, we need to make space for them.- Dr. David Heaf, The Bee-friendly Beekeeper[...]

Combine skin and emotional health with selfmade

Beauty products are a lot more than lipstick colors and finding the right foundation. There's something almost ritualistic about applying and wearing beauty products. Humans have a long history with cosmetics and beauty items of all kinds. Now, there's an entire company dedicated to creating beauty products that marry skin health with emotional health.[...]

These modular furniture focus on sustainable production

The premise behind Loose Parts, a sustainably-minded furniture company, is to make furniture from organic materials and ensure a long lifespan. The goal is to keep furniture out of the landfills, investing instead in a modular design and repair services.A [...]

Meet Dos Rios Ranch, California's newest state park

If all goes well, California's newest state park will be open and accessible to visitors within a year. The 2,500-acre Dos Rios Ranch is at the confluence of the Tuolumne and San Joaquin rivers, about ten miles southwest of Modesto in Californiaas Central Valley.[...]

Japan's first carbon capture and storage facility to be live by 2030

Japanese oil refiner Eneos Holdings has partnered with utility J-Power to set up Japan's first Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) facility. The facility is expected to begin operations at the end of the decade, helping giant firms to cut down their carbon emissions. A site is targeted in western Japan with designs beginning next year and final financial investment decisions in 2026.[...]

10 Asian American and Pacific Islander businesses to support

With May being Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we specifically want to shed light on businesses owned and operated by members from the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities. One opportunity to lift up hard-hit AAPI businesses is to show support with your purchasing dollars. Celebrate the rich history and modern contributions the AAPI community added to the American story by seeking out AAPI-created products.[...]

NASA contracts Canoo to design new EV for Artemis astronauts

After a competitive process, NASA chose Canoo to design an electric vehicle to transport its Artemis astronauts to the launchpad on their next mission. It's a short drive compared to reaching the moon, but the specialized vehicle needs to be able to carry fully-equipped astronauts, support staff and gear to the launch site.[...]

Partners Coffee makes great brew through sustainable actions

It started with a dual passion for great coffee and protecting the environment. Over 10 years later, itas a local establishment and growing mail order coffee roaster. New products are released regularly to keep the palette curious and content.A [...]

Tonga volcanic eruption largest explosion in modern history

TheA January volcanic eruptionA near the Pacific island of Tonga has been confirmed as the biggest eruption ever recorded by modern instruments. Its explosion also surpassed any atomic bomb tests conducted after World War II.[...]

California rejects desalination plant in Huntington Beach

The California Coastal Commission unanimously rejected Poseidon Wateras proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant. Despite the promised 50 million gallons of water per day, the commission decided it wasnat worth the risk to both sea life and residentsa water bills.[...]

Achieve a net-zero lifestyle with the help of Joro app

If youare environmentally-conscious, yet overwhelmed. If you want to make a difference, but feel helpless. Or perhaps climate anxiety has taken hold. Joro app is here to help. [...]

Climate Islands brings nature and community into the city

Barcelona landscape and architecture firm SCOB created seven architectural-landscape "interventions" called Climate Islands. They created inviting, green urban environments in inner city spaces that help mitigate the effects of climate change.[...]

3D printing robot displayed in retail store upcycles plastic

Selfridges in London has been a premier shopping destination for buyers and browsers to see what's going to be hot. That's why there really is no better place for an amazing new window display that showcases a 3D-printing demonstration. The printer is creating amazing designer items using recycled marine plastic. Selfridges has always believed in the "theater of retail." This window display demonstration definitely captures that idea and so many more.[...]

Heinz to package ketchup in recyclable paper bottles

Food and beverage giant Heinz announced that it will be launching a new sustainable paper package for its ketchup. In partnership with sustainable packaging company Pulpex, the two will launch the world's first ketchup packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. According to Pulplexc, the bottle will be made from wood sourced in a sustainable manner.[...]

Cows and deer threaten Earth's largest living organism

We expect destruction to come from something obviously terrible, such as nuclear war or a giant asteroid plunging towards Earth. But a much gentler threat may be the death of the worldas largest living organism; Utahas Pando Aspen Grove. Deer and cows are nibbling it into oblivion.[...]

11 perfect tiny plants to decorate your tiny home

Living tiny means making decisions about every item in your home. From clothing to cookware, only the essentials will fit into the minimalist lifestyle. However, no home should be without greenery. So even if your space is limited, there are tiny plants for your tiny home that will make the perfect addition without contributing clutter.[...]

Thailand home connects to its beautiful surroundings

The Baan Hom Din House by TA-CHA Design is situated on a former rice paddy in Thailand. The paddy rests in the lush valley between parallel ranges of the Petchabun mountains. The house's design caters to the lives of the residents and fosters a close connection with the surrounding environment.[...]

IKEA launches a beachy collection with World Surf League

Two iconic agencies have come together to launch a product lineup that caters to the outdoor lifestyle and the environment. IKEA, in partnership with the World Surf League, released the KASEBERGA collection in early May 2022.A With respect to the ocean and the recreational lifestyle surrounding it, the collection is practical and made fromA eco-friendly materials.[...]

Plants grow in lunar soil for first time

If youave ever dreamed of moving to the moon and planting a garden, you just might be in luck. A new study has successfully grown plants in lunar soil for the first time.[...]

Scientists discover how to stop banana peels from browning

Understanding and changing how banana peels brown could help the world save tons of food that go to waste each year, according to a new study published inA "Physical Biology."[...]

This barn achieved LEED Platinum with its Zen design

The Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds Architect is a home in a historic Ottawa neighborhood. It achieved LEED Platinum for homes status while maximizing on a casual, modern style. The second story is cantilevered over the first story to shade it from the sun, while a recessed courtyard allows for large windows on the south for passive solar heating. All of this work is invisible, with a light, effortless and tranquil effect to the final home.[...]

Ovolo is the world's first hotel group to go vegetarian

In October 2020, Ovolo Hotels announced its aYear of the Vega campaign. All the hotel restaurants went vegetarian for a whole year. It was such a success the hotel group decided to continue with the mostly plant-based (plus some lacto-ovo) menus. Now Ovolo is the first hotel chain to go all veg.[...]

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Company insiders rip Tesla's stance on safety in hard-hitting Elon Musk doc

'Elon Musk's Crash Course,' about Tesla's Autopilot, describes a corporate culture of hype over science. Our auto industry writer breaks it down.

Jimmy Kimmel, Dax Shepard, Tom Brady on new car freak podcast a hosted by Ford's CEO

Ford CEO Jim Farley has showbiz in his blood. On 'Drive,' his new Spotify podcast series, a shared love of cars is the vehicle for conversations with the likes of Tom Brady, Dax Shepard and Jimmy Kimmel.

17 states push EPA to revoke California's ability to set its own vehicle emission standards

The attorneys general of more than a dozen U.S. states say the federal decision to let California set its own rules forces the rest of the country to follow suit.

They'll turn your gas guzzler into an EV. But be prepared to wait

High gasoline prices and concerns about climate change and pollution are pushing some drivers to turn vintage cars into electric vehicles.

News Analysis: 'Free speech absolutist' Elon Musk has a long history of opposing speech and transparency

How seriously should we take Elon Musk's rhetoric about bringing free speech and transparency to Twitter? Rather than parse his words, let's look at his past actions.

Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter was extremely Elon Musk

The billionaire leader of Tesla and SpaceX says Twitter must go private to fulfill its "societal imperative." But the way he went about offering to buy it left Wall Street doubting his seriousness.

California plans to say 35% of new car sales must be EVs by 2026. Is the market ready?

Hoping to ban sales of new internal combustion vehicles by 2035, the California Air Resources Board proposes requiring that EV sales triple by 2026.

Twitter bots helped build the cult of Elon Musk and Tesla. But who's creating them?

Elon Musk and Tesla have millions of vocal fans on Twitter. Not all of them are real. Two researchers are trying to figure out who controls the bots.

With gas prices sky-high, some would-be EV buyers are getting creative

Despite high gas prices, a vehicle shortage is putting the brakes on what should be an EV boom and pushing buyers to search for workarounds.

Stolen luxury cars worth $2.3 million found stashed in Van Nuys backyard

More than 30 luxury cars that were 'fraudulently purchased' from Southern California car dealerships are found stashed in a Van Nuys backyard.

Black Tesla employees describe a culture of racism: 'I was at my breaking point'

In their own words, former Tesla employees describe what they call a racist work environment that led California to file a civil rights lawsuit against the company.

Ex-GM manager accused of taking $3 million in bribes from South Korean parts supplier

The former General Motors manager was arrested in Los Angeles on charges of taking more than $3 million in bribes from South Korean auto parts supplier

How to buy and install an EV home charger

Buying and installing an electric car home charger isn't always easy.

How Californians are getting around high gas prices (or at least trying)

High gas prices are making life difficult for many drivers. But some people aren't bothered, mainly because they switched to other modes of transportation.

How to spend less on gas: Fix your car. Drive slower. Ignore Shaq

Gas prices are high across California, and it's unclear when prices will go down. But, there are ways to save money on gas. Here are some tips.

EPA restores California's authority to set its own auto pollution rules

Reversing a Trump move, the EPA will allow California to set emissions standards stricter than the federal government's. But court fights may get in the way.

SEC probes Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal over stock sales

The SEC is investigating stock sales Kimbal Musk made just before his brother Elon asked his Twitter followers whether he should sell Tesla shares.

After years of pollution violations, Tesla is fined $275,000 by the EPA

Tesla has repeatedly violated air quality rules at its Fremont, Calif., plant. The EPA says the automaker failed to keep records about toxic substances in its paint shop.

Tesla co-founder seeks to solve California's battery waste problem

Redwood Materials, founded by Tesla co-founder J.B. Straubel, will work with Ford and Volvo on an electric vehicle battery recycling program in California.

Tesla expecting racism complaint by California civil rights watchdog

A California civil rights agency is preparing an official complaint against Tesla, drawing on allegations of racism at the company.

Waymo sues state DMV to keep robotaxi safety details secret

A court may decide whether Waymo's business interests outweigh the public's right to understand the safety issues around self-driving cars

DMV 'revisiting' its approach to regulating Tesla's public self-driving test

In light of videos showing self-driving Teslas attempting dangerous maneuvers, the California DMV is considering whether to require the company to conform to the same laws as other robot car makers.

Autonomous car developers lobby to defang safety data regulations

They collect user data for their own ends, but when it comes to allowing crash data to be used to improve safety, these companies push for less transparency.

Alarmed by Tesla's public self-driving test, state legislators demand answers from DMV

Until now, the DMV has taken a hands-off approach to Tesla's development of self-driving cars. State legislators say it's time for the agency to be more transparent.

Car crash deaths have surged during COVID-19 pandemic. Here's why

Evidence suggests the pandemic has made U.S. drivers more reckless a more likely to speed, drink or use drugs and to leave their seatbelts unbuckled.

High gas prices are hitting heavy-duty pickup owners hard. Here's what they're saying

Sales of ever-larger pickup trucks have been keeping the U.S. auto industry flush in recent years. Now gas that can top $6 per gallon is changing the math around owning one.

Column: There may be a steep privacy cost if you park at this Trader Joe's

Visitors to the Trader Joe's in Hollywood are being instructed to download a parking app to their phones. Doing so will reveal a lot about you.

Tesla's handling of braking bug in public self-driving test raises alarms

Tesla self-driving 'test' cars were slamming on brakes for no reason. So Tesla temporarily deactivated emergency auto-braking without telling drivers.

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